Rejected: Sounds?


Would we have sounds added to attacks and other events?

The player sending an attack could define the sound to be played when the attack lands or the report read for the first time. A big boom for a nuke, a laugh for a fake, etc.

Players could disable the if they wanted.


I listen to music whilst I play, I would not use the sounds, and I wouldn't want the players that do use the sounds to have an advantage, so no.


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Well if every time i send a full nuke + train to a player, plays to that player a sodom song and appears a devil on his/her screen which says "QUIT!!" i m really up to it. Otherwise, sounds can be very annoying after a while. . .


I don't like the idea...

I think even scripts which play sound/ warn you when you get attacked are illegal...

Don't count on that^^ though... I have to ask an ingame moderator


Sounds are annoying as hell, The only sound i would want is a non-annoying sound that only played when one of my villages got attacked. (meaning an attack appeared, not when the attack landed)

The Lewder

I don't like the idea.

Anyway, whenever I see incoming a little kind of synthetic shrieky thing goes through my head. ^_^

At best I'd only want one marking incoming, nothing more.