Rejected: Proposal: Ability to move nobles between villages


Hi guys,

i've seen many changes in this game since 2003. Some more or less usefull from my point of view.

However, this one could be interesting for some serious players of us.

So my proposal is to install the posibility to move nobles between villages, without having to kill/destroy them. Same as the Paladin!

At 1000+ villages, it takes a lot of time to organize and reorganize the nobles on frontiers. Espacially when enemies are in different zones.

It would be a big help if i could fetch several, existing nobles from other non-war zones. Instead of killing the nobles, sending ressources to the new villages and recruit them again.

Forget about the resources, think about the saved time that we could spend on farming or simply "fighting".

I hope that my explanation was clear enough, but it was just a basic idea, which could make the game better.

Have a nice evening,


This would make things easier yes, but I think it defeats the purpose of the game in a way. This is part of the challenge the game provides, is it not. And changing this makes things easier, allowing for a slightly quicker end game, if anything.


While this would seem to be a good idea, I find that if this were possible then the largest players in given world would too much of an advantage over the majority of players. The idea of this game to begin with is developing a strategy that would allow you (the player) to go all over the entire world and conquer the villages you encounter if you can. If the players were allowed to move Nobles from village to village then most chances of ever defeating the Nobles at home is no longer available except by chance.

I would say NO to this idea.