Make archers useful again


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It´s more of a suggestion.

Right now archers and therefore mounted archers are kind of useless. Why?
Let´s break it down. 1 archer costs 190 resources, 1 spear and 1 sword combined cost 220 resources. 1 archer takes almost as much time to create as 1 spear and 1 sword combined.
1 archer gives 50 defense against infantry and 40 against cavalry. 1 spear and 1 sword give a combined defense value of 65 against infantry and 60 against cavalry.
This seems pretty fine to me, but with the changes made to the paladin and all the different defensive boosters implemented in the game archers became useless.
1 Paladin has the ability to increase spear and sword defense up to 30%. All the defensive boosters implemented also only benefit spear and sword troops making archer useless along the way, because the boosters are so strong that the high base defense turns out to be useless. Another scenario that doesn´t benefit archers is a technology world with a maximum of 15 technologies, because it is more common to have spear and sword level 3 in offensive villages than having archers level 3 (and you can´t have all 3 level 3 if you want your offensive troops to be lvl 3 as well). One downside I didn´t talked about yet is the loot capacity of archers. not only are archers slow for barbarian village farming, they also have the lowest loot capacity out of all troops besides siege troops and spys making the ineffectively to even use on the scavenging feature.

My suggestion is to buff them in a way that makes them useful again, back then they were one of the most common form of mid to late game defensive troops, right now they´re just useless due to the boosters implemented making spear and sword better even for mid to late game.
good points i second this as a good idea least get developers to take a look at what can be dont to level things up


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It is a very good point. I agree with some points. In real life archers were used for long range against infantry and cavalry not used for farming or looting so I can see the slow time for this. It could be simply fixed by making more boosters for them in the game. But if you had boosters for archers it would almost make the spear and sword useless.
The tech system simply makes it so you less options is kind of pointless to have archers with the tech system.

I think tho you underestimate them abit tho considering 25 barracks 1:59min to make 1 spear 2:55 for sword so 4:54 for both . Also taking 2 farm space.
While archers are just over 3:30 to make 1 and only 1 farm space.

My point being yes may take longer for archers but if you take the few extra min to make a second archer. 7min It is more powerful then the sword and spear.
So now you are 100 against infantry and 80 against cavalry which adds up to a lot more once you have more of them. So it is basically about your location if you are safe and have the time to build them or not.