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Sooooo, as the members of beta have been changing a lot over the years I've been here, I noticed I don't know a lot of the new people. Therefor, it would be nice if people were to introduce themselves a bit to the community here (and me :icon_wink:).

Say what you want to share about yourself and why you came here and what you hope to achieve. Tell us all your hopes and dreams! :icon_cool:

As it is commonplace for the OP to start off with this, I'll just start.

So, my real name is Roel, I'm a citizen of the country that is home to some of the worlds best chocolate, beer, belgian fries and a statue of a little fellow (and girl) urinating in public, guess where :icon_wink:

I am a 22 year old student at a university college aiming for a degree in biomedical laboratory technology, which is a fancy name for the people analyzing whatever samples doctors take when you visit them.

The reason why I came to beta initially has long since been forgotten, but it was probably just curiosity at what it was. These days I am the forum slave for Tracey and do some menial tasks around the place (wasntme). I hope to help beta stay alive and kicking and bring it back to its glory days, when it was a thriving community of likeminded people who love Tribalwars :)
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Guess I should also reply

Im Tracey and old!

Studying for an open degree with the Open University.

Lives on Facebook, loves Tribal Wars

and Slave master to my moderators :)

Grave Digger

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Dave here I remember Tracey from T/W .net when I was last there W.58 I believe ..been hanging out winning on masters pretty much since in different guises with my tribe party :)

Kirac a admin on speed and a tribe mate on masters asked me to join here ..anyway I am old and a construction foreman/manager

Been playing a few years now & hope to be of some use here testing /playing on the next beta server with a few other buddies.


Hi everyone John here. Been playing for a number of years, started on W39 and been around a while. Old in years, but like to think of it as experienced, in Life and the Game.
Not really sure whats going to happen in the Restart???
(its not very clear)
Do we all loose our points and villages and start from scratch again?
What happens to Stored Nobleman Resources and Premium Points
Do all Tribes disappear?
(I believe the new Tribe Limit is 10)
Its Not very Clear to me what we should be do
(to me at least)
Hope to hear from you soon
cheers Druss

marcus the mad

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Hi John (and overground ^^ ), not really all what I wanted to see here but let me quickly answer :)

- Everything starts from 0 again, your villages, tribe, troops, points, everything. Its like a new world opening.
- Flags are account bound and are globally retained
- premium accounts should pass over like on speed worlds


Hello everyone.

My name is Scott, and I've been playing a while. I've been on .net off and on for many years. I am now playing W13 on the .us server.
My age is 22
My hobbies are: Gaming, Writing, Watching Anime, and reading manga.

I can't wait to work with everyone, and I'm glad to be able to help out with such a great game.

To everyone. Happy Hunting :) :) :)



my name is Sherlock Holmes.

Me and my partner John Watson have solved many crimes all over England.

If you want to see what crimes and murders we have solved you don't have to look farther than Johns Watsons Blog, the record of our time together.

We solved many strange cases like 'The Hollow Client', 'The Poisoned Child' or 'The Bloody Guardsman'.
We had some frustrating cases, some touching cases and of course I have to mention 'The Elefant in the Room'.

But now we have something very particular: 'The Bugs in our game'.

We are now here, in, to find all bugs and to report them for the good of our game.

The Game is on


Hey, Madnasher here,

Ive played .net off and on since world 1, dabbled in the other servers here and there, and gained a fair number of infractions for being slightly off topic in the externals :D

Im playing with my friend daryl, and we are trying to get more people to come over and join us in our insane tribe with variations on my name...


Hey to you all
I am yannick from germany 18 years old and I make my A-levels (abitur) this year. After this i will travel a bit (to brazil and mallorca perhaps to france and london I dont really know now:D) and then i want to study foodtechnology :D.
I play tw since server 19 on .de and now i am on server 91 93 and casual2.
well thats me :D
greets yannick


Buenas ^ ^

So folks, my name is Pedro Santos, I'm 19 years old, live in Brazil (not that drug? Kkk), Rio Grande do Sul state, city of Canoas.

Working as vigilant morning of 07 to 19 hours ... I'm there most of the time logged by Iphone.

Set to 5 years, played in PT, BR and masters.
Currently only game in Br40,'m TOP 1 tribe leader and I am in the TOP 16 (Walk discouraged, world already exhausting) :/

Now came the Beta test and see if gain new souls.


High Guys ;)

My name is George and I am 20 years old ;) I live in Austria (Salzburg). One of the most beautiful cities in the world btw ;)
At the moment i study law, 3rd Semester.

I've played only on the german sever. More or less successfully ;)

So far I wish everybody a nice time on the Beta Server :)




I'm 20, I study law at a German university and the only word I really play ist World 30 on "Die Staemme" (German version of tribal wars).
Maybe someone knows me, because I have been a very active member of the German forum community.


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I'm not sure, but I think somehow I've heard of you.. somehow :0


Hello :)

I'm Olli - thats enough for you to know :icon_razz: