Duals on the account

King Koong

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Please answer the administrators of the game is it allowed to play 2 or 3 or 4 players on the same account?
The administrator of the Russian version on the forum declares that this is prohibited

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It depends a bit on the mode.
And I am not sure if some servers have different rules about this but for the Dutch Server its only prohibited on speed rounds.


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ofc it is allowed if they are playing in only 1 account
you can have 10 co player if u need them^^


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Beta utilizes the same rules and interpretations as International, by and large. That means we tolerate co-playing here, but keep in mind that it's not supported and if you run into issues arising from co-playing, the support team is not obligated to assist (and indeed, will most often be unable to assist).

Some markets disallow co-playing, however, so always make sure to know the rules for them on the market you play on.