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Now I hear two players I respect in here repeatedly say they want fast worlds. But there are also some of us who think it's fine with worlds that don't end before they start. So I want you to keep mixing them up so there's something for all of us.

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Just not to slow as you can go play 000s of those slow worlds elsewhere & hardly anything above 2+ speed except HP rounds that have so many pre mades pushing vills for each other its not worth playing them ...

.The best way inno games can make Tribal wars better is a complete overhaul of the co play system & limit pp abuse so that players cant make many villages and come together in a couple of weeks to merge all the accounts to make a huge account in relation to others on the servers and co played by sometimes up to 6 players as i have seen so often ... players should be verified and pre determined accounts be it solo or co played & only those cheating would disagree