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Disclaimer: This thread is about the rules and general concept of world 2, if you already know what it is about, then you will probably learn nothing new here ;)

Hey Everyone,

Because the description for World 2 was getting rather long, I've decided to create a thread about it so that I can elaborate a little on the information given when you join World 2.

First of all, World 2 is a Sandbox World. What does this mean? It means that it is not meant to be competitive. The players playing World 2 are doing so in order to test for bugs, or to test their scripts to make sure they work with the newest updates. They are not there to have a war, or even to have an active battle with the other players on the world. In fact, many of them don't log in that regularly, and keep their account there knowing that when they need it to test something, they might already have an account with multiple villages, safe in the knowledge that noone is going to noble it when they're not online. Sometimes there are attacks between accounts, but bear in mind that a lot of the users playing know each other quite well from testing together, and it is very likely that these attacks have been organised in order to test something.

If you are looking for a place to do this sort of testing in a calm, peaceful environment, then World 2 is definitely the place for you. If you are looking for a slightly more competitive environment, but still want to test the newest versions of Tribalwars, then I would strongly suggest playing World 1 instead. If you are worried that you will start off at too late a date to be competitive, don't worry about it - World 1 is reset every few months, so the further behind you are when you start, the sooner the server will be reset!

Secondly, requesting Buildings/Troops. It says in the world description that if a user requires something in order to test what they want to test, they are welcome to send in a ticket requesting what they need in order to test this. However, this does not mean that if you feel that a couple of thousand Light Cavalry would be nice, you should send in a ticket ;) PLEASE offer a good reason for us giving you what you are asking for when you send in the ticket, it will save a lot of time both on our end and yours! We will offer minimal buildings increases on the basis that it is easier to grow and test bugs with higher resource levels, but anything more than that will require a specific reason.

Adding villages to an account is a very different story. In the vast, vast majority of cases, we will not do this. Is it a time consuming task, and if multiple villages can be proven necessary, we are much more likely to offer an academy and noblemen than we are to give you another village. I have had a number of cases where users have sent in tickets asking for "a couple of hundred villages, in order to catch up with the other players". There are so many things wrong with that sentence, please don't ask for them :p

Finally, World 2 is unlikely to be reset, definitely not in the near future. Why? Because there is no point. If users want to test on it, they are welcome to join, and the sheer size of some of the other players makes no difference, as they shouldn't be attacking you anyway. Resetting the world would only slow down the ability of those larger players to test, negating the point of the world in the first place.

If you are on World 2, and you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send in a ticket, I am happy to answer any and all questions you might have, and we hope that you enjoy bug hunting on the Beta Server!

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Dear players!

As Sandbox has been a testers world before and was reset only to test the new pre-registration with tribe founding etc., we will turn Sandbox to a pure testers world again tomorrow (29.08.2012) morning at about 10:00 server time.

This means that it will not be allowed to attack other players without their consent by ingame message independent from their village name. All attacks to players without their consent will be punished with a permanent ban!

Please make sure that you don't send attacks to players arriving after 10:00 server time if you don't have their consent!

We will add some abandoned villages tomorrow as well and increase the maximum distance for noblemen also.

Best regards,

Your Beta Team
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