Investigating: Village Rename


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Summary of the issue: Village rename in the Android App seems to be missing the village name.
Overview of the bug: When using the village rename tool in the app, the village name disappears. This makes it as though the confirm button will set the name to nothing.
Especially as you have to confirm twice (once on the rename popup and once clicking the actual apply button.)
Steps to reproduce: Go to the village HQ and scroll to rename. The box will be empty, even if you enter text into the rename popup box.
Expected Result: The village name in the textbox. The app makes it look as if it's trying to do this, with the spinner, after editing the text.
Reproduction rate: Every time.
App Version: 2.28.2
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Hopefully this is the right location for this.


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Thanks, we will investigate it.
Could you please add device information (what type of mobile phone are you using?)