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Dear players,

both beta 1 and 2 have been updated to game version 8.9 today.

Please keep in mind that new features are not completely finished yet and may still show bugs.

After the large new features released in version 8.8 (the Welcome Page and Casual Worlds), we've taken the time to consolidate and work on some internal improvements. About 30 bugs from previous versions have been fixed.
Of course, we've still got a few nice surprises for you.

Troop Templates

Create Rally Point templates for troop combinations!
- Define and save specific troop combinations, to save time on repeated commands
- Up to 10 templates can be created by players with a premium account active. Non-premium accounts are limited to 2
- Templates can also be used to attack from the village information screen, to bypass the Rally Point entirely


- Welcome page will now also show threads from shared forums
- Welcome page graphs shows up to 14 days of data (previously limited to 7 days)
- Added option to Farm Assistant to show "red" reports
- Farm Assistant mouse hover information on map will now show the estimated travel duration
- Optimised pre-registration screens for mobile
- Added information about flags assigned to a village in the map popups
- Map popups will now also show the results from a forwarded report if that is the latest information
- Reworked how some bonuses work

Best regards,

your Beta-Team

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