Update to 8.21


Dear Players,

This update will be added to beta later today :)

Rally point:

- You can now select a village either by searching for coordinates, the village name or a player's name.
- You can type a comma or fullstop when searching for coordinates intead of the | symbol to make it easier to search.
- All previously used scripts should continue to work on the rally point.

Incomings overview:

- Added distance and origin column.
- Commands can now be filtered by name, origin, destination and player.

Incomings tagging:

- You can now select incomings from the incomings overview and click 'Label' at the bottom of the page to tag them.
- Incomings are tagged with the name of the guessed slowest unit based on the remaining travel time and the assumption that the command was just sent.
- Attacks that have previously been renamed will not be labeled.
- By default only the unit name will be put into the command name. However, our system permits script authors to easily allow you to customize the format of the labeled command. More information will be revealed about this in the future.

Groups overview:

- The groups overview no longer shows all of your groups at the top if you have many groups.


- Added footer links