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Dear players!

We just updated Beta to version 8.17. Please find the early changelog below. It is not final yet and some things still might be changed.

Live rankings
  • Points and rank will now update immediately after they change, so you won't need to wait to see progress (if you refresh the page or automatically if a timer expires on the page)

  • Renamed Awards to Achievements, to better communicate what they are.
  • Made extensive improvements to how progress is represented, both for daily and normal achievements.
  • Easily accessible via new Profile option in the main menu.
  • Let us know what other areas in Achievements we could improve!

Menu changes
  • Map was moved up from its former location next to the village link because we noticed that new players were having trouble finding it as they were expecting all important areas to be accessible from the main menu.
  • Profile is a newly created menu option to group your player-specific information into one place. It allows easier access to (edit) your profile, achievements, friends and block lists.
  • "Logout" and "Notebook" as the least-used menu items can now be found in the bottom menu bar. This was done to make room for Map and Profile.
  • Removed "block player" option from the Mail and Report menus. They can now be found in Profile.

  • Raised default, non-premium map size from 8x8 to 9x9.
  • Moved the display of coordinates onto the map so that there is more space for the map itself.
  • Added option to use the map graphics from the mobile app.

  • Added option to not get asked again when spending premium points. Your preferences can be reset in the settings menu.
  • Added new report deletion possibility to choose after how long archived reports will be deleted - maximum 2 years, default 3 months. This was added to ease the handling of large amounts of reports.
  • New Active Village Effects box on the village overview combines the information from the Flag and Church boxes, and also displays any buffs that might currently effect your village.
  • The top 3 players and tribes in the rankings will now be honored with special graphics.
  • Improved Quest completion: your reward is now shown in the completion message, and the resources you gain will be shown above your current resource totals.
  • Added possibility to access the mobile version of Tribal Wars at the following url: m.beta.tribalwars.net
  • Added option to enter a Shared Connection during Pre-registration.
  • To prevent abuse, only the first 5 players that join the game via your personal invite links will be placed near your village per day. Additionally, it is not possible for you to attack any village that was placed near you due to your invite for 21 days, and that village cannot attack you during the same time frame.
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes.

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