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Teaching you, Teaching me.

Welcome to BLA, the free graphics academy set up for everyone. From the new to the experienced designer, everyone is able to become a student, to help each other learn. After all, we will never know everything, as there is just so much!

BLA was founded by Zenron & Genetic Engineer in 2011, with the support of the UK staff. Over the time that it has been open several students have come through the doors, with a vast improvement upon leaving.

So what can I learn at BLA?

You will learn the basics of graphic design, from how to compose an image, to lighting and special effects. Our primary work basis is teaching you the art of making signatures, a mini canvas if you will.

How has BLA changed since its start in 2011?

We started off with small project packs, giving students set resources to create signatures from, and would then provide critique and advice upon the results. Our new format has more of a lesson approach, there will be one class led by Phlipster, and eventually another class when we find another mentor. Lesson tutorials will be provided for both GIMP and Photoshop, and each lesson will have a homework/task to complete at the end. The work will be critiqued by your mentor, who will provide advice on how to improve it, if needs be! Lessons with Phlipster will be video based with the option for 1 on 1 live sessions. A wealth of resources from images, brushes and links to other design sites will be provided exclusively for students.

When will BLA start?

The school is planned to start March/April 2014, and will be running on the UK server. Phlipster still has the raw footage to record for the videos, hence the start date being roughly laid out (13 videos to record, each roughly 20 minutes apiece, so roughly 4 hours 20 minutes recording to do, before editing).

I hope you guys look forward to it, and keep an eye out for the official start date and application process!


Looks great Phil .... I nearly joined up when you first started. So me thinks I will have to do it this time just so I don't end up regretting it again! :p