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Dear players,

Upcoming Tuesday, October 11th, around 11 AM, Beta 3 will start. Pre-registrations have already started so gather your teams!

A quick overview of the settings can be found below:

Pre-register here:

Speed: 1.25
Unit Speed: 0.8
Morale: Point + Unlimited Time Based

Attack gap: 150 ms
Beginner's protection: 5 days.
Paladin: Enabled, single paladin without Skills
Tech: 3-Level
Watchtower: Enabled
Church: Disabled
Scavenging: Enabled
Archers: Enabled

Support outside tribe: Enabled
Harm to tribe members: Enabled
Nightmode: Disabled
Victory Conditions: Dominance

As it often causes frustration, I would like to remind players that this is in fact a beta server and you are likely to experience bugs throughout your gameplay. Please report them to us, but do so respectfully. You will be rewarded with premium points for every (new) bug you report on a server of your choosing.

This server specifically serves to test out our game during all stages of development. You will be the first to get new features and changes to the game, which makes you critical to our success. However, if your expectation is to play bug-free, please do not play on beta and choose a live server instead. Note that bugs that do occur are generally minor.

We count on players to be willing to test our new features and implementations, assisting us in making the game better. Ranting about bugs is not helpful in this process.

Thank you for your understanding. We are grateful for your help.

Your Beta & Development Team
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