Settings for the Standard world starting on 28.09.2017

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    Pre-registration will be opened on 25.09.2017 around 18:00 o'clock (CEST)
    The world will open on the 28.09.2017 around 11:00 o'clock (CEST).


    • World: 2
    • Units: 1
    • Milliseconds: active
    • Attack gap: 200 ms
    • Fake limit: 2%
    Beginner protection
    • Beginner protection: 5 days
    • Attack ratio: 10 : 1 for 999 days
    • Paladin: active, with skills
    • Archers: enabled
    • Scouts: If enough scouts survive, buildings, resources and external units can be scouted, too.
    • Militia: enabled
    • Tech system: Simple research system
    Buildings and villages
    • Church: enabled
    • Watchtower: enabled
    • Barbarians: Shrink to 1,500 points
    • System: Coins
    • Costs: increase after the 2nd Nobleman
    • Maximum Distance: 30 fields
    • Loyalty: change between 20 and 35
    • Member limit: 10 players
    Night mode
    • Night mode: active from 23 to 6 o'clock CEST
    • Hauls: active
    • Base: n/a
    • Max.: n/a
    Premium Features
    • Premium Account: active
    • Loot Assistant: active
    • Account Manager: active
    • 20% Increased resource production: active
    • Build time reduction: active
    • 20% Build cost reduction: active
    • Trade with the village merchant: active
    • Premium Exchange: active
    Other information
    • Moral: time based
    • Flags: active

    It is very important that you join our forum as this is where all information about the latest missions are announced, and where all bugs must be reported. To ensure that this happens we only allow registered users to see the complete forum, non registered users will only see announcements.

    Rewards: We will be giving you two weeks premium each month from 1st of October for this round.

    • It is not possible to login with your account data from another market. You have to register a new account here to join Beta.
    • Please be aware that we will reset this world appr. every 3 - 4 months