Rewarded: Seas of Fortune pop up window size bug

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Game version: 2bc588b2 (I was unable to check with the guide to find game version, this is what I found through inspect element.)
World: Beta Sandbox (zz2)
platform:Tested on Opera 62.0.3331.116 + Chromium 76.0.3809.87
Operating System: Tested both on Windows 10 and Pop Os 19.04 (Opera tested on both OS, Chromium only on PopOs)
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Account name: Domobrana

Reproducibility: 5/5

Current situation:
- When hovering over portraits in Seas of Fortunes event, the pop up with rewards does not resize, meaning I am unable to see the full content of the window unless I zoom out drastically.

Expected situation:
- I would expect the window to have a size that would allow the user to see full content of the window.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open the Sea of Fortunes event on server zz2
2. Hover over the portrait of captains in Sea of Fortunes event
3. Notice that you cannot see the full content of the window that shows
4. Zoom out to see the full window

Screenshots of the bug:


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will investigate and verify with the developers (DS-19559)
You will be kept up to date in this topic :)


In the mobile Version it works to Close the window and scroll to the top an the back down to choose your Captain..


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This bug has been confirmed and will be resolved soon.
@domobrana Can you please let me know on what account & market you want to be credited your 200pp? You can drop me a message in private.

Thanks for reporting it!