Restart of Sandbox (ZZ2)


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Dear players,

We are happy to announce that Sandbox (ZZ2) will be restarted on Tuesday July 27th around 11:00 Server Time.

The general settings of this world include the following:

Speed: 2
Unit Speed: 0.5
Archers: Disabled
Paladin: Multiple, with skills
Tech: 3 Level
Church: Disabled
Watchtower: Enabled
Strongholds: Enabled
Tribe Limit: 10
Choose starting direction: Enabled
Nightbonus: Disabled
Victory Conditions: Dominance (60% for 10 days)

Additionally, it will not be possible have support land in a village that is not owned by your tribe. Attacks on a village owned by a tribe member will not deal any damage.

Pre-registrations for this world have already started. You can join the world here.