Not a bug: Resources looted


  1. Summary of the issue (title of the post)

    I just send my troop farm normaly with FA but I also send my axeman with the Ram to reduce the wall of some barbarien villages

    and now I see : Resources looted: 120.811/107.750 (Help)
  2. Overview of the bug (description):

    So I farm with FA and I send Axeman to reduce the wall (and farm at the same time)

  3. Steps to reproduce:

  4. Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):

    first time that I see it, I wil try it tomorow to see if it happen again.
  5. Browser and Version:

  6. Visual Reference if available (Screenshot) please put them in a spoiler.:

  7. Player name and market for rewards:

    Lady Mene31 on Beta


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Overview of the bug ):

by all Farmreports :Your troops cannot loot all resources because you already reached your haul limit. But at the rally-point:
Resources looted: 51.812/56.083
Steps to reproduce:

Reproduction rate :
every time , since this morning

Browser and Version:
opera 37.0

Visual Reference if available:

Player name and market for rewards:
Katzenmarylou -Beta