Report counter and Loot assistant


  1. Summary of the issue (title of the post)

    Report counter and Loot assistant

  2. Overview of the bug (description):

    The report counter simply counts up for every new report that is created and resets whenever you enter the report overview page. The problem is, that the loot assistant deletes "old" reports. So the number shown mismatches the actually available number of reports if you attacked villages few times with the loot assistant.
  3. Steps to reproduce:

    Configure the LA, open the map and send few attacks to the same village using the fa. wait till all attacks landed and compare the number of available reports with the number that has been displayed.
  4. Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):

    every time
  5. Browser and Version:

    ff 31
  6. Visual Reference if available (Screenshot) please put them in a spoiler.:

  7. Player name and market for rewards:
    reisone (beta)