Quest menu out of place on mobile


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Overview of the bug (description):

When using the desktop version on Droid Maxx phone using Chrome v. 36.0.1985.131, the quest menu overlays the mail or hides behind the map.

Steps to reproduce:

When on the map or mail and various other screens, slide the screen to the view the quests icons. Do not need to click the icons and open them. Then move the screen to view the right side of the screen. The quest icons will drag along and either overlay the screen or hide behind such as the map. See screenshots.

Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):


Browser and Version:

Chrome v. 36.0.1985.131

Visual Reference if available (Screenshot):
Screenshot Mail Screen.jpg

Screenshot Village Graphics.jpg

Screenshot Map.jpg

Screenshot Bottom Menu.jpg

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The browser version is not intended to be used on mobile devices. Please use the mobile version instead.