Rejected: Night mode


I understand the concept of the night mode, but it really discriminates against those that don't live in the correct time zone for it.

My suggestion is to allow each player to nominate when their standard night mode should be applied when they join the world and it is then set in stone and can not be changed for that world. A nice extra big warning comes up on an attackers screen to advise them that a specific attack would land during that players night mode.

This would be a fair system IMO, at the moment, I'm awake during night mode and asleep during the day time (server time). I want to be able to attack when I'm awake and I'm sure a lot of my intended targets don't all live in the same or similar time zone as the server. I also would like to benefit from the night mode, as it is I don't get attacked when I'm playing due to night mode and I'm more likely to get attacked whilst I'm asleep - this is the opposite of what is intended for night mode.