Duplicate: Inventory page is completely blank


  1. Summary of the issue (title of the post)
    Inventory page is completely blank

  2. Overview of the bug (description):
    Upon opening the inventory page (/game.php?screen=inventory), the page is completely blank. There is no header, no background, and the page appears to simply have "<html><head></head><body></body></html>" in terms of DOM on Firefox 31.0, with an extra "<style type='text/css' />" just before the "</html>" tag on Opera 12.17.

  3. Steps to reproduce:
    Open Inventory, either through hovering over "Profile" then clicking "Inventory", or by going to Profile first, and then clicking the Inventory tab.

  4. Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):
    Every time (since originally noticed about 5 minutes ago). Persists even after relogging.

  5. Browser and Version:
    Opera 12.17 and Firefox 31.0

  6. Visual Reference if available (Screenshot) please put them in a spoiler.:

  7. Player name and market for rewards:
    necokalo - .net, EN66