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i have a question which consirns many other people.
Why are all or mostly all rounds that slow.
Bare People want to play grindy Rounds on a Beta server.

Why dont u make these Rounds faster and more interesting for People?
I mean Beta is for testing, isnt it better to have more people on here to test stuff?
More people who play = more bugs could be found

I remember the time when this here was like 5x speed or even more
was way more fun and way more people got attracted cause the boring grindy part wasnt needed.

now people are filled with scripts and tools which makes it really boring to play here.
less people = less bugs will be found

it wont really help to announce the reset of Beta servers on german or polish servers if the settings here are boring and grindy
think about that

make the speed like 3x or 4x AND announce it on other servers.
Server would be filled with new people --> People who could find bugs and problems

Greetings and have a nice day


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These worlds are test worlds, the settings here are not for playing, but for launching new features, which is best done at low speeds. Therefore, your proposal will not meet with a response here.

The problem of the Beta server is really a small number of players, I already know you all here 3 times in person! :D
And it's not just that there is little advertising of the beta version. The players just don't want to play here. Preferring their own servers, with their own language.


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higher speed = more people would play
more people = more bugs could be found

whats the difference if the speed is x3 or x1
its just the resource production and its one click when a world launch

wont really affect events or sth i guess

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I think Gnedler is right.
Higher Speeds would make this server more attractive.

-> more players can find more bugs

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I am not to sure about the more player part tbh because faster is normally just more players being nobled quick = less players left.
But i do think: higher speeds = quicker progress = more/different functions being tested.


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+1 for me too, it would be great a x2 world too.

just to speed up things


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well i mean look at the worlds which are beeing started

Beta 2, there were Player with 600+ Villages ( Winning tribe + sister tribe got in gotal 60mill points i think) while on new Beta 3 there are in total 330 Player, 80% of them just started and didnt build a single Building
Beta 2 was 2x Ress production AND 2x speed

the new Beta 3 is only 1.5 speed, -> no player wants to play this cause its too grindy and needs too much time

a higher Ress production wont really affect a Event, and u clearly see, even if the world is faster as u mentioned
people do indeed getting nobled faster BUT its more likely they restart and there are more player on there in total anyway

i mean all they have to do is to put a higher Speed level at the beginning of the world
The player base in tribal wars is getting llower and lower anyway.. starting these boring slow worlds wont really help to avoit that


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Hey @Gnedler (and everyone who responded)

Thanks for your post. Let me respond to a few things you mentioned :)

High player numbers on Beta is not really what we're going for. We don't have the resources to support a large user base and our primary mission here is to find bugs. Even with a low quantity of players, we can find game-breaking issues pretty quickly (within hours of release usually). Having more players would mean the same bug gets reported ten times more (which is just a waste of time). We would need to spend more time responding "we already know" than trying to track the cause of the issue that was already reported before. This is an issue we're already experiencing as most people (sadly) don't check the forum (as they should) when an issue occurs.

For players that want serious gaming, we advise (and will continue to do so) to play a real game market such as EN or local language versions. In beta, we are only interested in bug and feature testing.

That being said, I do have some degree of liberty on Beta to make the worlds a little more exciting, so if you have any specific suggestions - please let me know and I'll consider them. A new world is due in the coming week, so preferably let me know before then.

However, please note that the settings shouldn't make it impossible for us to test features properly. If a world goes too fast, it gives us very little time to look into things (eg. commands might already have gone, buildings may be fully built, ... before we can take a look)
We want to stay as close as possible to "regular" world settings as we need to mainly test things that are used the most all over our game servers. I'm definitely open to raising the speed to 3 if it would make it more enjoyable for you all.

I'm also open to improve the system as a whole. I would really love to make the beta testing experience more enjoyable and manageable for all of us. If you have any ideas how we can achieve that, while not deviating from our primary goal - please let me know!



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hello, thanks for the answer
i mean if u do a x3 speed server it would be awesome, i mean its worth to try it out tho xD
and as far as i know, you guys announced the start of a new beta world on other servers right? think it was .pl and .de
u could do it again
there wont be 10k+ people coming
just 100 or 200 more on here would be insane

Prefered settings would be
3x speed
2x ress production
no church
no watchtower
no farm limit
multible paladin

btw you should higher the refill costs for the Horde event
People bought the 10% ress package for like 300 PP and sold the ress on market for like 4k pps
little loop hole there
thats the reason why Beta3 is already domed
people abused that


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Would also prefer a higher speed from at least 2.

And please no events in the first 30 days, this destroys the whole game!


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The speed of 3 has been on this server more than once. Just like the administrator tried to find out the wishes of the players according to the settings, but in the end he still set his own settings. So to be honest, it doesn't matter what the settings will be.
Although, I remember the real world of sandbox :) in which it was impossible to attack players, and only barbarian villages could be captured. Why not give us back the sandbox?
Or, on the contrary, complicate the task for players by disabling milliseconds? or limit the farm, or turn it off altogether
The Beta settings differ from many bland worlds of the regular worlds of other versions, and that's why we're still here, although already with difficulty, because it's really boring when you know all the server players and even their multiaccounts:D
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