Rejected: Dynamic Groups


I have now been sitting and playing with it and can see a little bit of benefits and a lot of shortcomings.

I would for example. to be able to look at the village where I do NOT have a noble, but where I can make a noble, I can not see it can....

and I want to be able to sort the village I want to be with the church, but the church is not yet build.

if you can not make such a sorting what is the advantage of the new groups?


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The advantage of the dynamic group is that they are dynamic and you don't need to assign the groups manually. We already have a lot of filters implemented and we might also implement others in the future, whereas some filters will be very hard to implement like resource filters, running construction or recruitment for example.



Well yes, dynamic groups is a wonderful feature!

But they should have more options like
- Include any other Groups (static or dynamic ones)
- Groups based on Construction Plans
- an exclude feature like All Villages except Villages in this Static/Dynamic Group
- currently all options are aggregated with AND - it would be great if you could build Structures like...
( Building Church >= 1 or Construction Plan Includes Church >= 1 ) and Member of Group XYZ

- based Troops are associated with the Village, but currently not in the Village

... more to add maybe ;)


If i can add anything, it would be great if player could set the alternative ("OR") on two or more filters.


What does it mean exactly?
You Assign Construction Plan named "XY" to a Village.
Now the Village will be visible in a Group which filters for this Construction Plan.
For example you have a Construction Plan for a Village with Church Level 2 and one for Church Level 3.
You will have a Group for both of them... one called Villages_with_Church_2 the other one called Village_with_Church_3.
Since both Villages have a different space of free Population you would be able to set different Troop Plans automatically and just based on the fact which Construction plan you have (also see the suggestion with aggregation type "or")

Another Option like Warehouse Percentage would be great to.

Let's see something like... Construction Plan is active, taking ressources from that village wouldn't really make sense, since it should build itself up. But what to do if your Warehouse is over 90%?
Have a group for it... and mint coins!

(If ConstructionPlan=="BuildUpFully" and WarehouseCap>=90% and Group!=Noblemen)


If I had to guess, it would be groups based on construction templates in the account manager. I'm not certain how feasible that would be, considering how often villages are kicked out of the construction manager.