Not in code / server issue: Did servers stoped working?

cel micut

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Dude I'm on 1 hour difference from server time so the server time should be 3:14 but dude... i know that you are ignorant on a real problem... and is the 4th time that I report it and you still don't conssider it a problem because last time you told me that depends of what scripts I use... and still told you that I don't use scripts...

BUT WTF.... that building it should be done 2 AND A HALF HOURS AGO!!!!!

After that long time you still ignorant to a real delay problem because you can't reproduce?

DUDE THIS DELAY IS A REAL PROBLEM and I report it like 1-2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is tooked after I finish the post... stilll you think that is a user problem? Really?!?
1. Between picture is way to long on different time..
2. Is allmost the time to finish second building... in a few min... and first is "almost done"

Oh... that village is real fu**ed up... dude... now look at the time AND POPULATION. Deffinently a user problem! SUREEEE...

I took pictures step by step.. to understand this problems... like kindergarden... you know... we hope that you finaly understand this. I tryed being smother but dude you are like a 2 year old and I'm trying to teach you stuff that I learnd in engeneering many years ago. If there will be a possiblily to build a pop-up book and send you (via forum) man... for you... i do it!

PS: Before you start writeing stuff on forum, please start thinking in general, because users tend to report real problems and those that are here have some experience on diferent servers. I have only here 7 years so... i tend to think that I'm not a beginner on this game and when I report something trust that there could be a real problem. Maybe you are more carefull with looking good at the camera and dismiss the real problems because is easyer when you have "the power"
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Same here, the farm commands have a deplay of 15-20 minutes

cel micut

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Sorry to boder you but just to be clear there are 3 problems:
1. "almost done" delay (incoming reports, buildings, etc...)
2. village population hazards (yes... more then one village... that you think that you fixed)
3. the smother one... you know... How the server brake and get out from bounderis / limitations

I know that 3 is a littler difficult to understand (and think, at this moment) and you could consider it a user depended (is not, trust me) but 3 is the big problem/bug.

cel micut

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At this moment... because of the building doesn't grow... you should put an attack break (till you fix all broken stuff) because it will not be fair for the attacker/defender. Look at this picture and how many hours passed since nothing is done here


At this moment server is broken.


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Staemme in my heart <3
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We will not set an "attack break" for such issues on a Beta server, which aren't intended for any kind of real competition, what we communicated many times before.