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Defenders of the Inner Castle

Our new Event "Defenders of the Inner Castle" is on the way! Wandering bandits have infiltrated your village cellars! Send your elite guards into the depths below to stop the bandits and secure the stolen goods!

"Defenders of the Inner castle" is designed to be a dungeon crawler event. Your guards will enter the village cellars, a huge dungeon with countless rooms and floors, explore it step by step by opening up one field at a time. While making your way as far as possible, you will encounter bandits and fight them for loot. You will also find multiple pick-ups to make you stronger, and stolen goods you can spend in the event store.

The dungeons are endless, so you will likely not be able to finish them completely. "Defenders of the Inner Castle" is built around this, so it's intended to be played multiple times. If your guards are slain by the bandits, you will have to start a new "run" through the dungeons - this is part of the event! You will keep the stolen goods you recovered, and you will be stronger for your next run.


How to play

When starting a new run, you will see the map screen. From here, you will open up each floor one neighboring field at a time. Under each field, you can find different encounters: Enemies, Pick-Ups to boost your strength and health, and the exit of each floor. If you uncover an enemy, you can fight them for stolen goods.

If you use the exit, you will enter the next floor. But be careful: Every floor, the enemies will become more powerful, so be sure to pick up some health and attack bonuses along the way, before you venture forth.

Your guards are low on health and you're worried they might not make it through the next encounter? Don't worry: You can abandon the run at every time. You will keep your guard, but you will lose all recovered stolen goods from this floor. If you did lose all your guards, however, you will get new ones every day during the event - or you can buy new ones for premium currency, if you can't wait.


You can fight bandits you encounter by simply clicking on them after uncovering them. During each round, you and your enemy will attack once. You will always attack first on each attack, so if you're low on health but see a good chance to defeat your enemy with your next swing, go for it! After your attack, the bandit will attack. Everyone involved will attack by a random amount of their attack range, shown next to the crossed swords icon. Your guards have an evasion chance, indicated by the evasion icon next to it. This shows the chance percentage per attack of your guards being able to evade one attack completely, taking no damage at all. Your evasion chance will increase every time you abandon a run, so you will be harder to defeat every time you restart your run.

You can also heal your guards to some amount for premium points, as well as using the "Reveal" button: This will show you 2 randomly selected enemies and show them on the map.


This event will have two rankings for additional rewards, and your position will be updated each time you finish a level:

  • Daily Ranking: Cleared maps - Showing the highest total daily amount of finished, complete maps
  • Daily Ranking: Highest level - Showing the highest, finished map level
You can also complete activity quests, by progressing certain numbers of maps on your way through the dungeons.

Dates & Worlds

Event start: 2020-10-13 14:00
Event end: 2020-10-27 14:00
Event Store remains open until: 2020-10-28 14:00

The event will be active on all worlds.

We hope you enjoy our new event! Be sure to leave your feedback here.

Your Tribal Wars Team!