New event Caves of Greed - Tribal Wars' newest event on Beta


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Hey everyone,

our new event "Caves of Greed" will run for the first time on March 18th on Beta! Be sure to tell us what you think in our feedback topic!

Caves of Greed is a rogue-like event where you will have the opportunity to choose your way through a never-ending maze of caves.

Every map has a start point and end point, as well as 3 lanes you can freely choose to take. You can also cross to other lanes in some sections of the tunnels. You will be fightings enemies, upgrading your heroes' stats, and encountering events. Each move, each defeated enemy and some events give event currency to buy special items from the shop.

If you are defeated, which happens when your heroes' health reaches 0 points, the map changes, the enemy stats (and yours!) are reset to their base value, and you will have to start again - but your critical strike chance will increase. So even if your exploration fails, you will get a bonus critical chance for every depth level reached. And, of course, you will keep all riches you accumulated along the way.

Good luck in the Caves of Greed!