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Camp Crashing Catapults
Do you feel the ground shake? Do you see the smoke on the horizon? Can you hear the drums? It has to be thousands! Or so they thought... because it is worse, a lot worse - for them. Because you are now in charge of a mighty catapult and their village will soon be in flames as you, Mylord and Mylady, will let hell rain from the skies! Our spies found six targets that are worth destroying, which are the Command Hall, the Barracks, the Market, the Farm, the old Smithy, and the Stables. Destroying all those will render them incapable of fighting back! But beware - we are not able to see the buildings, as there is a forest between us and them!


Sire, they are throwing rocks
Dear players,

welcome to our new event "Camp Crashing Catapults"! In this event, you will be in charge of a mighty and powerful catapult to destroy your foes' main buildings. The event will start:
Start: 01 Nov 2021, 14:00
End: 05 Nov 2021 , 14:00

Most of you most likely played it as a kid! Battleships. This century-old game is now available for you here, in Tribal Wars! And we heard you and realized, yes, you, our community really doesn't like ships. Or anything that is related to water. So we made a completely water-free map to play on!

The Gameplay takes place on a 6x6 Map. On that grid, 6 different enemy buildings will spawn, hidden from your view. To shoot with your catapult, simply click on a square and try to find the location of a building. The goal is to destroy them all! The location of those buildings is always randomized, but they always have the same size, shape, and rotation. Hitting buildings with a shot will result in the counter that is shown below the map for the building to increase, so if you hit the Command Hall, you will see a 1/4 on the counter.

Additionally, as soon as you hit a building this will be indicated by smoke rising from the map at the position. If you miss a building, instead of smoke there will be a little crater.
Every hit will grant you 1000 Event Currency, which is named Reclaimed Goods! Every day, you get 10 free shots! This is also the maximum that you can have at any given point.

To progress to the next map, you either have to destroy all the buildings on the map or miss your shots 6 times in a row.

Those here are the buildings that exist in the game: Command Hall, Barracks, Market, Farm, Smithy, and Stables.


The Command Hall is made out of 2x2 tiles.
The Barracks is a 3 Block in L shape
The Market is a 1x1 tile.
The Farm is a 1x2 rectangle.
The Smithy is a 3x1 rectangle.
The Stable is a 2x1 rectangle.

Reclaimed Goods
The reclaimed goods that you gain during the event can be exchanged in the event shop in return for powerful items to fuel your war efforts. The items exchanged for this currency during the event will remain in your inventory when the event ends. If you decided to buy Premium Points for the event, the increase in price will reset every 24 hours. Once the event ends, you will still have 24 hours to access the event shop and use your remaining goods. After that time, the event screen will be inaccessible, the goods removed and the event shop closed. Please note that when you transfer to a casual world your goods and event progress will not be transferred to the casual world.

Now go forth and destroy those villages!

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team