Rejected: Building Queue Suggestion


Just a quick one, possibly been asked before but here you go....

If we have for example, a wall level at the top of the queue and you urgently need a rally point, would it not be possible to put the wall level on hold while you quickly rebuild the rally point? At present, you have to cancel the building level in progress, even if it is at 75% done or whatever to get the desired building, (in this case, a rally point), into the process as quickly as possible.

I would like to see the existing building level put on hold, remain at 75% done or whatever, and continue from its previous level when next it gets to the top of the queue.

Just a suggestion.


Graham, (Voodo58) or (Voodoo58, I somehow forgot to add the second o when I registered on Beta, created havoc with log in till I realised what I had done wrong). So if you feel like changing that for me, to my usual Voodoo58, instead of Voodo58, I would be very happy indeed.


I would support this suggestion. It would help some of the newest players such as myself in planning and executing our village building.