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Bots and Scripts
  1. Any and all applications, programs, add-ons that automate game activities are forbidden.
  2. Using external tools that interact with the game are forbidden.
  3. The game needs to be played with a normal browser or the official Apps provided by InnoGames.
  4. Standard world: On the Standard world all approved quickbar scripts are allowed that can be found here. All other quickbar scripts are forbidden. Userscripts are forbidden in general.
  5. Sandbox: Sandbox is especially designed for testers and script developers. Therefore userscripts are allowed on this world as well. You can use the quickbar scripts that have been approved on your market or that would be legal on your market if you should develop a new script. Sandbox worlds are no longer a thing on Beta.
  6. For the versions, where userscripts are allowed: please make sure that the scripts are not active, when you log in on the Standard world to avoid punishments.
  7. If you are not sure if a script is allowed, please contact the support team before you install or use a script.
  8. To abuse the Standard world or Sandbox for the development or modification of illegal scripts or bots is strictly forbidden!
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