Auto-quest-finish and progress bar - mine on level 15


  1. Summary of the issue (title of the post)

    Auto-quest-finish and progress bar - mine on level 15

  2. Overview of the bug (description):

    I do not know the quests name but it is the task to build all mines up to level 15. Usually, if you meet all requirements, the systems will detect that and wants to finish the quest/ shows you, that you met all requirements for that quest. A dialog will show up. If you meet only a few requirements, the questsymbol will show a kind of progress bar. But there is a problem with that feature, if you conquer a village, that meets the requirements. In my case, my first village had mines 16/14/14 so the progressbar has shown 1/3 done. Now i conquered a village with 26/25/23. The quest did not reconcnize that. It still shows 1/3 done. It is not a question of chache or somethig, since i do have 3 villages by now, and had many new sessions with empty chaches since the first conquer.
  3. Steps to reproduce:

    start the quest, do not meet the requirements and conquer a village, that meets them, nothing will happen. Cklick the quest-Icon, that will "fix" it.

  4. Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):

    tested once so far
  5. Browser and Version:

    FF 25.01
  6. Visual Reference if available (Screenshot) please put them in a spoiler.:

  7. Player name and market for rewards:

    reisone (beta)
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The task is to build mines to level 15 taking over a village does not fulfill the task


The "funny" thing is, click once the quest icon and this quest is solved. So, that does not make sense.

Is the requirement to build this, so the quest should not be finished then or is it required to have mines on level 15, then this should be detected anyways.