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    Due the numerous conqer on the map... (day and night)...

    What is my ideea is a check box that user need to check and when they conquer a village and not on the pc. account manager activate for the village that you "fresh" conquer.

    This would help users to develop when they are not on pc. Already the account manager develop the village for them... this is a new easy feature that can give a boost when the village is conquerd.

    Something similar to stockpile. You know the check box to ënable / disable... and if enabled all you have to set for the fresh village conquer is:
    - construction manager (a default template) (a check box)
    - troop manager (a default template) (a check box)
    - research manager (a default template) (a check box)

    I have dynamic groups that are automatic set when a village is "fresh " conquered is already set. If i conquer in the night time... and i sleep... i need that village to start developing as when i am awake (enter back on the account).

    This can be used for "fresh" conquerd villages (and as a standard for all villages all the time if activated). Best would be for newly village conquerd. Already to activate account manager need 3 villages why not boost this option for users. When the 50 comands of building are done... the user need to activated again as he want to.

    Some can make a template for buildings only for wall that can activate when the village is attacked or after attack damage a building.

    It would be ussfull for the villages that you want to not lose time setting the template on every village. Why? We take alot of village in the same second... so can eliminate dead times between setings.

    village wall from 0-5 take only 5 second to build but make the difference between conquer the village or hold the village

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    PS: User already have the template builded in the account (those standard or those personalizated).
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