Account manager - Stockpile

cel micut

Right now you have 2 options:

* Percent warehouse capacity
* Fixed amounts

If you set fixed amounts (this whole thing is about fixed amounts problem) you can set a number (for this example: 70.000 resources each) on "A shortage occurs when a warehouse starts running low on resources. Define a shortage." right but you can't go under that score on "A surplus occurs when a warehouse has more resources than it needs. Define a surplus.".

It may seem "idiot" thing to put the shortage at 70.000 and a surplus at 45.000 but in reality is not, because you can send only from full developed villages (on low) and those that will recive, will be the underdeveloped village (on high) and those villages are in shortage at 70.000 will not send resources because they are in a group that WILL NEVER SEND (first restriction) but they are in need. In this time... the village that have more then 45.000 resources and is full developed the resources are staying in that village and over 45.000 and don't need to achive 70.000 resources to send and balance resources in the village.

Hope to made a pertinent point of view and understand that the shortage cand be higher then surplus.

While I made this statement, I understand that matematichal & programing is high and to solve this is hard. If you have the dynamic groops you can set who to send and who to recive... and to those to send (if the village is in more then 1 group) the rule to send is applying to the most high. What I say is that is a village is set in 4 groups (send, send, send, not send) and 1 is not send... that village will not send resources. If all groups are set to send (send, send, send, send)... then send on high then 45.000 to the village that shortage is 70.000 (have under 70.000 resources)

Example of groups:
under development (not send)
full developed (send)
K44 (send)
K45 (send)
K54 (send)
K55 (send)
Paladin (send)
Noble (send)
Attack (send)
Deffence (send)
incoming attacks (not send)

Here are 2 villages
Village 1: under development, K44, Paladin, Attack
Village 2: full developed, K45, Noble, Deffence

Village 1: send, send send send
Village 2: not send, send, send, send

surplus: 45.000
shortage: 70.000

Village 1: is under 70.000 on clay
village 2 is above 45.000 on clay

Now... the rule is set correctly to set the above resources village to the under resources village.

If bouth village are not set correct and bouth village is set to send... the villages will not send
If the resources are more then 70.000 the resources in village 1... he will not need to recive... so... is good
If the resources are more then 70.000 the resources in village 1... user can set that village to make higher troop (or the account manager will make troops for him... same thing)

PS: On percent is variable...and this is not apply on percent