8.7 Changelog


  • Improvements
    • Use HTML layout for invite mails
    • Show Decommissioning in Overviews
      In production overview decommission orders are shown with an icon now
    • Total farm space not updated on instant finishing of farm
    • New quests activated if requirements fulfilled
    • Event Tool: Additional notifications to inform the players about active events
    • Improved name suggestion feature
    • More confirmation boxes in style of game

  • New Feature
    • Add confirmation dialogue for mass decommissioning
      Before mass decommissioning is started the player has to confirm it now
    • Full screen map
      Full screen map is only available for FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera Beta. It does not work with InternetExplorer or the normal Opera version yet.

  • Bugs
    • Wars - White page shown, instead of war stats
    • Menu bar - Increased farm space from bonus villages not shown
    • Quest #36 - Inviting a friend not possible on worlds closed for new registrations
    • Simulator - Flag bonus not correct
    • Quest - Player can't finish quest #38 (Loyal Followers)
    • Font size in building queue in village HQ
    • Market place can result in negative resources
    • Research - Revocations are counted as researches in the queue
    • Dynamic menu for Overviews without active PA
    • Research occurring on recently conquered village
    • And many other minor bugs