8.6 Changelog

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    Changed pre-registration, will now allow you to create tribes which spawn together and to view your mails and reports prior to world start.
    Added Research Manager, expansion for the existing Account Manager package
    Added faded out versions of flag colours for empty flag slots. (So that you can see which colour corresponds to which bonus.)
    Added username suggestion feature that will be activated when the username you use to register with has already been taken. (WIP)
    Removed "external forum" configuration option for tribes, because it was only extremely rarely used, and in most cases was actually redirecting players to invalid urls.
    In 8.7, we will remove the send mail API for external services. Please let your community manager know if there are any objections. (If you don't know what this means, it doesn't affect you.)


    note: this is already active on beta and subject to change without notice
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