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They could create purposeful worlds for event testing and etc as they already have! But it would be funnier to make a world of 0 like it was normal tribal wars for the players to play as if they had on the server UK, PT, BR etc started out of the type WORLD 1- Opening the day and the game mode would be the tribe with more dominance at the end of the world won and so we could play in the standar and standbox to try and play in the world 1 to play serious! And this server I am sure would begin to have more players still which would give you even more reputation and profit!

cel micut

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This is already happening as a normal server, only difference that here is reseting all the time. Usually in 1 to 3 months...

This is a testing world and here most of the players are friends since long time so... is needed that reset because if you keep on going (more then 2-3 months) on beta is will happend like on sandbox a few rounds... 0 reset on sandbox and multiple resets in beta... makeing a very inactive world (sandbox) and not attractive world to play... huge players gap to small players... not atracting any players.

By reseting beta 1-3 months will make users spend the premium points (buy them also) and those that are here for long time (like me since 2010 here) we have our part of the fun.

Is like chees... win one round... lose next round... win again... but in long term you play that chess with your friend... and get the fun by playing with your friend that game. Yes you will be angry on them... or happy with/for them also... but this make our "online family"

On beta are alot of experienced player that are at that level that doesn't matter the rank that they are at the end of the round... or players that simply want to proofe themsels what are they capable of in this game... showing to others their skills and... there are players that want to improve the game for those that came in the back and make a fun experience to all.

Here you will meet alot of admins that test in front the new set of settings for the time that will be implemented in their worlds and those admins tend to have experience. I personally meet the admins here (as simply players) form my country server... portugal server... greek server.... german server... english server... and players from the whole world.

In previous ideeas I ask to put a history of those that win beta... and then was implemented the hall of fame...

World 1 here is for testing as a normal world (hope for future to make it speed 5 or 10 like fisrt years of beta was...)
Sandbox you can test evan scripts (legal or illigal). Simply test everything you want there... if is working then test it on World 1... but if you want to make it as it should... make it as ideea and post it here.

If you want greatness play a regular world... if you want a limited time fun... play here but never hope to make the history of beta... here all players made some history on their country servers first and bring that experience here. Evan a small player here could be a beta top 3 players... so...

remember this is a testing world... not a regular world... and here greatness is not as a regular world... "forever" but as a personal note, I advice you not to write in your CV "winner of world... server... etc" and less braging about your previous achivements... because i really seen top players of regular worlds took down like crazy after braging how "good" and "great" they are....