when to open the new zz1 and zz2?


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I just heard from our development team, we will be resetting both worlds soon, but I do not yet have an exact timeframe. I'll keep you posted!


it's a terrible secret :))

but your truth is, the old worlds are already tired. And yet, administrators! don't put the same settings in zz1 and zz2 anymore!! And settings without watchtower is no longer necessary!!


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We have it on the planning to restart it very soon, but we don't have an exact date yet. We will let you know as soon as we know ;)


Very soon, how long?:))

players are tired and want to be born again

Night, street, lantern, pharmacy,
Meaningless and dim light.
Live another quarter of a century -
It will be so. There is no outcome.

If you die, you start over again
And everything will repeat as of old:
Night, ice ripples channel,
Pharmacy, street, lantern.

alexander blok

Age of Enlightenment
an unsuccessful experiment, especially in the beta version
where the tribes there are few players in the regular world on the Russian server, this world is closed for 3 months, in October it became possible to capture the University under the terms and at the end of November in early December the world was closed

I ask you to take into account in the future, all that concerns the investment of resources in something players are perceived very painfully, especially when resources are very necessary for their own development
Whether the idea was crude from the developers, or they did not finish the University, in short, this chip is defective :))
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Years ago, the Tribal Wars, was just tribal wars. We ALL were equal, just the ressources, the troops and the fight.
After a while, sorry to say that, an idiot has a brilliant idea to try to improve the game with different items: Vasco's scepter, i don't know who's sword, someone other's halberd, and so on... After that the game was'n't anymore Tribal Wars.
Now we have Age of Enlightenement, University, Watch towers, Churches(by the way why not Mosques, 'cause there are a lot of muslim players playing this game) and hell knows what other brilliant idea will be born from someone's head.
You forgot that all we want is to play a clean game, where all to be equal. No booster, no flags, no Chest with inventory, JUST THE GAME.
I hope in a few years, for money, the Highlanders will not appear in the game...


Hello. No matter how much I tried to write about it-I was told that the game should not stand still, the game should develop according to time. All new ideas are taken by the developers from the players-this players comes to mind any nonsense, and the developers are white and fluffy, only fulfill our desires.

Not all innovations are bad... There is something to thank the developers for
And don't scold the old paladin with the weapon chamber :) He's beautiful compared to the existing new assholes named Paul:p
And the game has ceased to be just a game when introduced premium exchange, and previously reduced the time of construction of buildings for premium points. This was the beginning of the end
The staff of the game began to grow, and all people want to eat:) and the soul rushed to heaven - and that we still add this, they thought, to the fools who play here to steal more money.
So there is nothing surprising in the fact that the game developer reaches into your pocket:) :cool:


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Dear players,

Please be aware that we will be resetting both beta worlds, zz1 & zz2, in the near future. Please take this into account when spending premium points or planning your next moves. Active premium services during the closure of the world will be refunded automatically.
Please find the schedule of these resets below:

Closure of ZZ2 (Sandbox): Friday, January 17th during the day
Restart of ZZ2 (Sandbox): Monday, January 20th at 10 AM UK

Closure of ZZ1: Thursday, January 23rd during the day
Restart of ZZ1: Tuesday, January 28th at 10 AM UK

This reset will be needed in order to implement a new game feature and test it properly. More information about the settings of these worlds, and the new feature, will be provided closer to the reopening.

We are looking forward to see you on these new worlds! You can freely discuss these resets in the feedbacktopic.

Kind regards,
Your Beta Team



well, I activated it yesterday. And you are in your repertoire, the world will close tomorrow. Why can't I give you at least a week's notice? and even the event will not end there :)


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As mentioned in the announcement, the settings will become available closer to re-opening. :)