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Dear Beta-players,

the servers have now been updated to version 8.10.

Apart from the usual bugfixes, there are a few smaller improvements (new icons in the smithy) , a relocation of an old feature and there are 3 new features!

Choosing start direction moved

On worlds where choosing the starting direction for your first village is enabled, you can now choose this direction from the 'join world' page, which means you choose prior to joining the world.



Inside World Switching

This new feature allows you to switch between worlds while logged in on the same account.


Village Context Menu

A context menu next to village names on player profiles, forums and reports which looks and works similar to the context menu on the map.


Incomings in Game tab

The game icon in tabs now shows the number of incoming attacks


These features may still be bugged somehow so let the hunt begin!

Your Beta-team.

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