Update to 8.20


Dear Players

Please find the first draft of the changelog for version 8.20:


-in-progress constructions or recruitment will now recalculate when buff is applied
-added price graph to help create successful market offers
-made market ui cleaner
-show claimed villages on a player's profile
-show unit icon next to tagged attacks (if you tag attack with "archer", the Archer unit icon will be shown next to the attack)
-possibility to unblock blocked invite mails
-added minimaps with church outlines on church screen
-page in rankings that shows dominance state


-premium reward given for inviting players that reach a certain amount of points is now an item instead of activating instantly
-removed "edit groups" from overviews other than the group overview and built that functionality into the groups overview page
-removed prompt for password reconfirmation after several hours of inactivity (problem for accounts without passwords)

And of course bug fixes. Thanks for your reports!

Kind regards,

Your Beta-Team


Final 8.20 Changelog now live on Beta


  • Rewards will now be given out to the winning team in each measured category: world, language version and overall.
  • You'll be able to see how much you have contributed to your team's score in a world and compare it against the average


  • Added a graph to show the recent price trend to help create successful market offers. The graph will show up after you've selected which resources you want to exchange when creating an offer. The price graphs will become available on the 19th of March.
  • Made some tweaks to the Market screens to make them easier to use.

Premium Account

  • Claimed villages can be seen on a player's profile
  • Incoming attacks that have been renamed to contain a unit name will have the corresponding unit icon placed in front of them as a visual reference.


  • If the first simulated attack does not wipe out the defenders, the simulator will let you know how many more attacks you'd need.
  • Added option to attack the wall with catapults

Other changes

  • Added a page to the rankings showing the dominance of tribes in worlds that have the "Dominance" win condition.
  • Added minimaps showing the range of church influence to the church screen
  • Added a progress bar for ongoing constructions. It will also show you how quickly each percentage of the order was completed, which can change depending on premium usage or buffs. Buffs to construction and recruitment speed will now also affect buildings and unit orders that are already in progress when the buff is activated.
  • Simplified and fixed showing achievements from other worlds: achievements configured to be visible in World A will be visible in other worlds as "an achievement earned in World A".
  • If you have blocked invitation emails, an option to undo this will show up on your email page in the settings.
  • The Premium Account reward that is given when a player you invited to the game reached their points milestone will now be given as an item instead of being activated on your account directly.
  • Removed "edit groups" link from all overviews. The functionality previously accessible under "edit groups" can now be accessed on the Groups Overview screen at the top of the page.
  • Text and minor visual improvements
  • Fixes for various bugs
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