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    Dear players,

    please find the first draft of the changelog for version 8.19:

    New feature:
    - Inventory and feature gifting (LINK TO MISSIONS)

    - Added map icon for incoming support
    - Added info in Church building about which villages are affected
    - Added arrival time of trades to trade reports
    - Information about player rank on player profiles will now update as fast as the usual rankings
    - Construction buttons in Headquarters will now directly update when you have enough resources instead of requiring a page reload
    - See online/offline status of friends in messages
    - "Your support in village x was attacked" reports for the same attacked village will now be merged into single reports
    - Added possibility to write a personal message to a tribe applicant when accepting or rejecting their application
    - If an attack contained only scouts, report title will now say "scouted" instead of "attacked"
    - Made profile picture uploading easier. Includes auto-resizing of images.

    - Changed display of church effect on village overview from "# Belief" to "Religious", "Not Religious" or "Religious (# of churches affecting this village)
    - Removed ingame links to toolbar
    - Added Premium feature log as a better way of keeping track of Premium subscription activation
    - You will no longer lose progress on filling out the input fields for inviting a player when there is a problem with the submitted information
    - Commands are now the last information shown on the mobile village overview (so that when there are a lot of commands, it doesn't make it hard to find other information)
    - A report will be sent when an in-progress trade has been cancelled
    - Minor text changes

    And of course bug fixes. Thanks for your reports!

    Kind regards,

    Your Beta-Team

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    Update at 15:00 on 30.01.14 adds the following:

    New feature: Command icons
    The icons for your own commands will now change depending on the command type and contents. Command icons will be shown in the following situations:
    - Attacks with under 1000 soldiers will show a grey axe icon.
    - Attacks with between 1000 and 5000 troops will show an orange axe icon.
    - Attacks with more than 5000 troops will show a red axe icon.
    - Attacks sent from the farm assistant will be marked with a loot bag
    - A nobleman icon will be added if the command contains a nobleman.
    - A paladin icon will be added if the command contains a paladin.

    These command icons are also shown on the reports screen.


    Please let us know what you think!

    - Hover over "Religious" village effect on Village Overview to get information about how the Religious state affects your village
    - Hover over the battle result indicators (red dot for losing, green dot for winning, etc) to get information about what they mean
    - Increased default game screen width from 840 to 900
    - Added friends' online status in rankings

    - Added confirmation prompt to profile picture deletion
    - Dates formatted like: "Dec 09,2013 18:48" will no longer show the current year to save space in certain situations (like the reports list)
    - Incoming attack icon will no longer be hidden by certain quest guidance arrows
    - Minor text adjustments

    Thank you for your reports!
    - On/offline status for friends weren't shown on profiles and mails unless you had a Premium Account
    - Fixed mobile version tribe applications display issues
    - Fixed flag effects only showing up on village overview if they had other flags
    - Fixed production values in timber camp, clay pit and iron mine not being shown in mobile version
    - Fixed villages listed in church being shown twice
    - Fixed ranking pages
    - Fixed resources not updating on recruiting, cancelling and researching
    - Invited players are now rewarded
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