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Dear players,

Over the past few days a lot of rumours surfaced about the legality of the Tribal Wars Train extension, due to announcements on different game markets. Today I come to you to confirm these rumours.

A few years ago we allowed the widely used Tribal Wars Train Extension to be used on Tribal Wars International. With this, we made an exception to the existing game rules that state:
  • All userscripts (greasemonkey/tampermonkey/…) or tools (such as extensions/browser addons) with similar behaviour are forbidden.
  • A script may not focus or click the Attack, Support or Send button on the rally point / attack confirmation page.

Today however we feel it to be necessary to revert this decision. Over the past months we have increased our efforts to fight bots and otherwise illegal tools, as you may have noticed. During these efforts however it has become increasingly difficult draw a line between legal and illegal, and distinct tools with a similar behaviour from each other. While we have previously allowed this exception to the rules, it is now time to go back to the rules as stated on the various rule pages. This is the only way we can efficiently protect the game we all love from further botting and abuse.

We humbly ask you to stop the usage of the said tool within a period of 14 days. Of course, any previous usage of the tool will not be punished in any way. Continuation after those 14 days will result in consequences. Breaches as of the 8th of September will not go unpunished. This also applies to tools & scripts with a similar behaviour.

We know that a lot of you use this tool, but in our current efforts to reduce cheating, we sadly have to take those steps to make Tribal Wars a better place for all of us. We realize this will upset the users of this tool, but please understand that these steps are necessary to be able to guarantee a bright future for our game.

Kind regards,
Your Tribal Wars Community Management