The Warenhaus is too small for the playspeed 10

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  1. The Warenhaus is too small for the playspeed 10

    The Usual game running (at lower speed) has a sufficiently large Warenhaus that comfortably sleep a few hours can a user.

    So upgrade However, in this version you have the storage level to be 8-10 hours sleep has some ... without the Warehouse becomes full of (1000 resource units per hour)

    It would be helpful & comfortable when the first stages of the storage facility would be significantly higher than usual. If subsequent servers should have an equally high tempo.

    Or do you really want that a user from the start. To 24 hours on PC remain so that the house had not overflow.
    Or should i put my game are forced to share it with someone.

    Greetings Marlboro
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    It is not intended to change something here. Higher speed needs more activity to avoid these problems.