Duplicate: The first flags tutorial mission


The first flags tutorial mission .

In which you should activate a wrong flag is amazing unfavorable in this version of the game ,

I was forced to activate a defense flag ( which now lasts 6 hours ) .
Got followed by a resource flag, which of course I can not activate 6 hours .

Could enable someone to start a resource flag is at least 6 hours on the edge in a game pace of 10 is a huge difference.

Not to mention this when someone buys some flags .... ok ok pay to win ... but is it really necessary to penalize someone because of this any flag to enable and indeed the only one who will probably be there .... it is not sufficient the flags area to visit once without the flag to activate

I'm sorry, my english is not the best , I needed some help from the translator answer ... I hope to have it explained clearly enough

I thank you for your attention

Greetings Marlboroman
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