Not a bug: Stockpile Distributor


Scenario: We got some villages with high storage. We set stockpile distributor shortage and surplus for fixed values of 50 000 units of each resource.

Steps to reproduce:
a) Have village that have storage capacity less than value we've set (e.g. 2229 - new barbarian village). Assume other villages have enough resources and traders to meet demand.
b) Wait for stockpile to send resources.
c) System thinks village needs resources as 2229 < 50000. Yea, sure.
Now happens:
d) Village will be overflown with resource. Despite that village won't fit all incoming resources, because of storage capacity.
e) System shouldn't send more resources than village can hold. Demand should be calculated as min(shortage, storage_capacity) - current_resources. It's seems that now it is like naive shortage - current_resources.

As per feature description :)
"Turn on the Stockpile Distributor, and never again worry about wasted resources - it will ship your extra resources to where they are needed most."


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This is currently being considered as a Improvement Suggestion, opposed to an actual bug. It will therefore take a while until it is changed. This is scheduled in the short-term however.