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This server has far too few players to properly play this game the way we are used to. New guy popping up at 46 points at 3 hours noble distance from a 5000 point village is not what a player would like. May be now its too late, but next time when you start, i would suggest give much more spaces between villages and try to fill atleast outer core (9k which surround the main core).

Alternatively make nobling distance ridiculously small , like 1 hour or so. Else just 1 month into the server, new players simply dont stand a chance against oldies.

Or may be make this rounds speed rounds (may be with 10-100 speed) and end them in a week-month, advantage would be you get your things tested super fast -multiple times as you have to restart the world often- , while players have all the fun.
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Or, just give us back 1x, or even 2x server speed!! :D


Or hold your mouth off !

I think we all want 3x speed man

And about speed free rounds I'd love the ideea
Excuse me.
Seriously, I ran one of the top 5 tribes for the longest time.
And know why it failed?

The speed increase.
Many people hit delete, others just went and let their villages rot.

Within my 15x15, 3 people quit trying to even defend themselves against me, because I can clear them in 40 minutes. What the hell?

So you shut your mouth, and don't use "we all".
It's a few individuals benefiting from the increase, not "we all".

I would actually be BIGGER than I am now if it wasn't for this shit. Got it?
So be an ignorant ass.


^^ I would be on an acad right now, I got nobled around a week ago. But guess what. It's boring. I don't log in. The game sucks. The biggest village in the world is in my church radius, and I reckon I'll be able to take it soon because the person who owns it has gone inactive :D


Reducing speed or noble distance isn't really a solution, the world still grows too slowly. A better solution would be to have server resets more often.

And remove church next round please.
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Distancing the villages would defeat the purpose of 3x speed and the current troop speed.

If they wanted lower troop speeds they'd lower the troop speed, thus making travel time longer.


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some ppl like fast, others don't

i think a good mix would have been 3x game. troops 0.5

so they'd still be 1.5x faster than normal


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I believe the current setting are the same. Remember,these are setting only testing,there will be minor drawbacks.If you really want to play TW srsly,then go play a real world(This is aimed at those who are being whiney about the world settings.And by that I mean those who are whining about troop distance and speed.Srsly,stop being rude here.)


it would be better if speed remain same but unit speed is decreased


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Isn't this beta to test how a 3x speed would work? i REALLY want a 3x speed world (not just a beta but the real thing) but they always say they can't :( maybe this beta is to test if whatever improvements they did could handle 3x speed. The only reason I came back to the beta is because of the 3x speed :D


Speed 3x ftw!!

Pls give us more speed!!
The world is to slow :D