Not a bug: "Send commands/resources directly"; error ID: l1082a59ddd7

Eroberer der Welt

  1. Summary of the issue (title of the post)
    "Send commands/resources directly"; error ID: l1082a59ddd7
  2. Overview of the bug (description): "Send commands/resources directly":
    An internal server error occurred. Please try again later, or contact support if the issue persists with the error ID: l1082a59ddd7
  3. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Use the option Send command and resources directly within a popup over the map and file in the x units (less than the fake limit).
    2. Try to send a attack to a attackable player village.
    3. Then you get the error message.
  4. Reproduction rate (Every time? Sometimes?):
    Every time.
  5. Browser and Version:
    Firefox 36.0.4
  6. Visual Reference if available (Screenshot) please put them in a spoiler.:
    Send commands directly error ID l1082a59ddd7.jpg
  7. Player name and market for rewards:
    Eroberer der Welt (de)


The error occurs, whenever you try to attack yourself or an opponent player but not when you attack a babarian village.


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This internal error message will be replaced with the real and more user friendly error message with the next update.