Rejected: Scripting feature request - group ID in Mass-Recruitment page

Discussion in 'Old Ideas' started by Turgon, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Turgon

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    Need to found group ID somwhere at Mass-Recruitment page.

    In TW version 6.0. there are changes (now used ajax for [​IMG], without group ID). And sometimes player can take to Mass-Recruitment page without group ID (not at page, not in URL, nowhere, to found group ID).

    I have quickly changed (originally SlowTarget) recruitment script ( , to use group name instead of ID. But it's not good. Every change to groups name means settings reset /another config, cookie/.

    Is it possible to put current group ID /for javascript programmers/ somewhere to page?
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  2. fluffy88

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    The group ID is in the url now, it probably doesn't show when you first go, but once you select a group the ID will be in the url:)

    If you visit the .net script forum you can get a fixed version in slowtargets thread.
  3. Turgon

    Turgon Guest

    Yes, I have seen your version. /Good one/.

    Group ID in URL is also missing when "recruit" submit (via button). So problem if you have farm space reserve (or not set units to max) and after recruit imediately uses next script pass to reduce villages to show where to add units "by-hand" (to not to have same units in all villages /tactics/)

    Yes, I can return back to my old script to found "not full" villages. /used in "normal" view, not recruitment page - sorry, not know EN TW terminology and texts yet/

    And Group ID can be newly found in previous & next group village. But not allways. Somtimes. /Oops, in version 7321 of 6.0 not found today, may be some changes .../


    So. If Innogames places somewhere group ID /may be any their javascript code to preset some internal variable - or simple place number somewhere to page/, it seems to me as a better an clean solution for now and future. But, yes, we can live without it.
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  4. Turgon

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    For Morthy:

    I'm looking through and foud theme Improvements for scripts writers in 6.1 posted by Morthy.
    I can't register to forum (not playing .net TW cos my bad english - and don't want to make fake ingame registering only to access forum of server I'm not playig, looks minimally unpolite), so can't post at
    So sorry, I include few comments hier, my practice, because topics are near in subject.


    Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.
    Very useful if making (or adjusting others) script for language variants, to be universal. In my practice, for making CZ and SK together it'd be very handy.
    And, of course, when design little changed /synchronization cells shifted,.../ then no need to repair script and force users to upgrade script.


    Fine and useful. Don't forget:
    - players name (if Account sitting, then name of account you are sitting, not yours) /sometimes - map, noble planner - not ID but name is needed/
    - Include also players tribe name & tag /for noble planner useful now/. And, for all purpose, players tribe ID. Of course, all only if is in any tribe.

    - current village group ID (and if possibly, current group name) ;-) //may be only in overview & map & recruits & ... simlpy every time You need it, usually we'd need it too

    Things like player/tribe ranks, etc, ... uhm ... fine if no much work & not spend servertime, only as a bonus.

    Yup, yup, thanks a lot


    Include some data from configuration file (get_config) would be very helpful, but to include whole config is megalomaniac. Only really basic informations are necessary:

    - world speed
    - troops speed

    // and such informations to be able to autamatically count some tables cell positions:
    - if archers world
    - if paladin world
    - if church world
    - may be army camp world (unsure, are young, without experience - so just in case)

    // to be sure in some circumstance
    - if gold world
    - "tech" number //unsure but better yes

    Others can be accessed via AJAX, if needed.
    But, if pre-prepared and included as external .js (variables or functions pre-setting; .js difrerent for each world), with our usuall 14day cache expiration, it would be fine. Not take dld time (just once per 14 days or if browser cache cleared). And also not spent servertime. Then, uhmmm, well, then really whole configuration file can be mirrored to .js


    Include " interface.php?func= files " seems unncessary. Too big. Fine, but used in few special purposes, can be dld via AJAX in those cases
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  5. Turgon

    Turgon Guest

    Next for-script suggestion:

    Make "Premium account" & "no-ads-mode" stoppable. Or better say, enable "not use for a while". I mean not to refund premium points and not to pause current running interval (ie premium "end" remains the same). Juts make account to look like without premium improvements. To be able to test scripts for all circumstances /non PA/. Even if the script could not run without PA, to test whether no damage is done, if script started without PA.

    Understand if "switch" (to start-stop PA) may not be simple accessible for normal users, to minimalise problems. And, e.g., after login (logout+login) allways start with PA.
    Something like special parameter to URL to switch on & off would be quite sufficient.