Reset of ZZ1 & ZZ2


Community Manager
Dear players,

Please be aware that we will be resetting both beta worlds, zz1 & zz2, shortly after the event (The Diamond Mine) has finished. Please take this into account when spending premium points or planning your next moves.

This reset will be needed in order to implement a new game feature and test it properly.

Kind regards,
Your Beta Team


Community Manager
Dear players,

In order to reset beta, we will close the worlds in a few minutes. The worlds will be live again tomorrow. The current winners of these worlds have been credited premium. Congratulations!

Please find the new settings for both worlds below:

Speed: 1.25
Unit speed: 0.8
Morale: Active(Point based)

Church: Active
Watchtower: Inactive
Archer: Inactive
Paladin: Active, skills can be learned
Tribe Member: Default setting
Militia: Active
Night Bonus: Market default
Tribe Level: Active
Stronghold: Active
Bonus Villages: Active

Please be aware that this world will contain a brand new feature!

Good luck!