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Dear players,

we have just activated the Premium Exchange. We might remove it again if we notice some critical errors.

Please find some information about this feature below:

Welcome to the Premium Exchange!

Use the Premium Exchange to trade premium points for resources and vice versa.

Exchange stock and capacity
There is one Premium Exchange for every continent. Every Exchange has its own capacity, indicating how many resources of each type it can hold. An Exchange's current stock and its capacity will determine the current rate for trading. Resources are traded at lower rates when the stock is full and the other way around. When an Exchange's stock is full, no more resources of that type may be sold to it. When an exchange's stock is empty, no more resources of that type can be bought from it.

Placing an order
You can enter trade orders into the "Buy" and "Sell" fields and see an estimate of how much they are worth, based on the resources' current rates.

Making a trade
When you place an order, the Exchange will suggest a trade to you, with matched values rounded up to the nearest full premium point. When you accept this offer, the resources will be transferred between you and the Exchange. Selling resources to the Exchange will require your village's merchants to ship the resources, while buying resources will use the Exchange's merchants. In both cases the delivery time will be 0:26:40.

Taxation and growth
When buying resources from the Exchange, a small portion of the proceeds will be put aside automatically to increase its capacity for the traded resource. Each day, Exchanges on adjacent continents will also shift around capacity and stock to mitigate differences in their trading rates.

If you notice problems with this feature, we would appreciate to create a bug report in our Bugs Section with a detailed description. Also don't hezitate if you have questions about it.

Thanks and happy testing,

Your Beta Team
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