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Hello everyone!
You have made players can select the 8 hour time frame. On the one hand, it is convenient for players. And the other one?? The player can attack me from the night bonus and my attacks will come at him weakened by the bonus!
This is not entirely fair! I suggest developers think about punishing attacking players from the night bonus. Just like they did with the beginner's defense, which disappears if you send an attack. Night bonus - the player must sleep, not throw attacks. Otherwise, it is not a bonus, but a help to the attacker and a loss to the defender.


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the player must sleep, not throw attacks.

doesnt matter if his bonus starts from 0-8 or from 14 to 22 oclock^^

People always send attacks in night bonus to hit a chance that its not beeing tracked
its like that since the beginning of tribal wars lol
and its a Beta/international server with people from all over the world

If ur from EU and got a 0-8 night bonus, people from US wont have the same night time than u
so their night bonus will be in the period of time where they arent even sleeping


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I didn't write about the fact that someone wants something! I wrote that the night bonus is used to cover from attacks!
That is, a useful function of the game is used by players not as it was intended by the developers. Let's say an Android 18 player lives in Turkey and sets himself an beta2
Android 18 night bonus
Points: 1.061.385
Rank: 1
Opponents defeated: 1.403.115 (5.)
Tribe: Wolfs
Night bonus: Current: 04:00-12:00

she starts attacking at 8-00 of the server, the reverse attacks on her will begin to come in the night bonus set by her, that is, even intercepting her own village turns into an attack in the night bonus. Abuse occurs in order to take away the village from the player and not incur losses at the same time.

Therefore, in order to avoid such abuses, I suggested disabling the night bonus if a player sends attacks on the principle of noob protection of players!

Or return the standard bonus to the players the same for everyone!


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So if someone wants to go to the effort of staying up all night, or setting alarms and getting up to launch attacks, they should be punished for it?
Cry more.