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This unit is made in the church and send to villages as a supporting unit.
- Cost price of a Priest is as half of noble price and when he arrive to a village is makeing a village a church radius of half of lvl 1 church radius (4*50%=2 radius) and making the belive of that village(s) in the radius where the priest is stationed at 100%.
- Population needed to make 1 Priest is 50 population of the village and is transferable to the village that is sended
- Speed of the unit is equal to a ram/catapult.
- Speed of makeing the Priest is half of noble.

Max priest will be avalable by lvl of the church.
lvl 1 church... 1 priest
lvl 2 church... 2 priests
lvl 3 church... 3 priests

Simply by making church a little bigger you can send a priest to village that are out of the range of your church till you cover that village with church.

Right now the church is a very limit building that actually don't do anything for the village and this way this building will have a porpose.

The principle is the academy lvl 3 combined with the use of church.

This is a killable unit ofcourse

This will make a more mobile the units in villages that you don't need a church but still need 100% belive of that village (area)

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Actually will improve the current status of church... you still make that building but by makeing a priest you can get that 100% to the village that are in zones that is hard (or take to much time) to get that 100% belive... I think that will improve game.

Right now the CHURCH building is doing nothing really for the village... ocupy space on farm for nothing and is outbalance the deffender because most of the time the fresh conquerd village in a red zone is 50% belive and suporthing that village is stupid because you lose troops for nothing. when you send last noble you send 1 priest also and that village is simply 100% from the start. then if you get any attacks in tht village you can support and pay pp to fast high wall...

Right now the deffender is outbalanced and is not fair. this way there is a fair chance to defend a village.

PS: Usually most of the conquering attacks are send from 100% belive villages... and when you take a village you simply are out of the resources to build somethign but by makeing the belive 100% and with the supporting troops you have a chance to hold that village for future attacks. To make church you have to have a empty village (of troops) and a lvl 22+ farm and this is only to have 20.000+ resources (as average). for lvl 2 church you need lvl 24+ at farm and for lvl 3 you need lvl 26+ on farm... is stupid thinking that you can hold a village in this condition. this is why you get a chance to defend because in every church world the attackers are favorite to take over and deffenders are makeing harder troops then the attackers already... makeing 1/2 from the start... is not evan balance.


Pfft)) sweetie, Yes, you can't play in the worlds churches, if you write such nonsense:)) :rolleyes:

For such cases you describe, you use the First Church.
after 5-10 captured villages, you replace the church level 3, and the First church put in stock and it is always at your fingertips in case of emergency

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I don't think that you are wright or I don't am current with the news but... the "stock" church is not a real thing.

Last time when I checked (that was last round) this could not happend. Yes, you can demolish first church but... and is a big but... when you build your church in a new village you will build first church. To be able to build again first church you have to demolish all churches in all villages... to move again first church...

so... you are on the map at 50 villages and 5 churches + 1 first church = 6 churches... wright?

If you want to move demolis all 5 churches first... move the first church and rebuild again the churches that you just demolished.

Does this change this round?


"Building can not be demolished any further" - this is important to be observed...

So... please check your info before you have that "stock" first church because is impossible (without demolishing the other churches first)... so... how do you make that "stock" first church? What I am saying is that... when you want to rebuild churches... fisrt you will establish first church (that is the name... FIRST CHURCH... FIRST THAT YOU BUILD) and then you are able to (re)build churches that you want (or have again)

Don't you want to check your info and then come with a reponse?

Now after you see this... wouldn't be usesfull a unit like... priest? Really?

Yeah... if you play with 1-2 villages... is not... but when you have 100+ is very usefull for some villages :)
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good idea...

allow to demolish First church (downgrading in HQ) and in new village player decide, that build normal Church, or First church e.g. First church will be not necessary...